Christine Prakalpa

Trivandrum – Shaping Young Minds

Ramakrishna Sarada Mission Trivandrum was established in 1973 to teach value education to young women. From its inception it has conducted a hostel for college girls. In commemoration of Swami Vivekananda’s 150th Birth Anniversary it has started a vocational training program and expanded its hostel activities under Christine Prakalpa.

Kerala having an extensive social welfare system has little need for welfare activities from NGOs. However, being a prosperous state it attracts people from all over India seeking work. These people do not qualify for the state aid that Keralites in the same economic bracket do. Thus the center provides welfare for these people on individual basis.

A vocational training program was started to teach women tailoring. 15 – 20 women learn basic tailoring at the center. Several graduates of the program have received tailoring machines to start their own tailoring business. In addition to these graduates, the center has also provided assistance in the form of equipment to other women starting their own businesses.

Trivandrum center’s hostel hosts 30 – 35 students each year. With the aid of this governement grant nearly 50% of these students’ hostel fees are waived. The students are supported with clothes, student care items, study materials and educational assistance.